I sort of hate having to write this post, but it seems neccessary to lay this out plainly: Inventability is a gentle pun on Invent Ability. A lot of disability sites riff on the same theme, like DIYAbility, Abilitynet, Able Mag and so on.

Inventability.net has no connection with "Inventability Designs" run by Oliver Stark based in York. We have nothing to do with him. We have never met him or had any dealings with him of any kind. We don't know him. If we had ever heard of him beforehand we would never have named our website Inventability. It's a massive pain in the bum!

Inventability doesn't sell services - we provide our content and advice for free, put ads underneath and hope for the best. We share our own product reviews, tutorials, inventions, life hacks, technologies, disability hacks and DIY solutions, mostly related to dealing with the problems of severe disabilities like quadriplegia, based on our personal experiences. Stuart is quadriplegic, for example. We do want to put a (relevant) shopping section up eventually but we haven't done that yet.

Like it says in the footer, this website, inventability.net, is a project of Limograf Limited, which is the name of our small limited company, registered in England and Wales. Our company website is at limograf.com. Our company is in the field of disability and technology, accessibility consultancy and web development. When we say consultancy and web development, we mean things like beta-testing software and writing code. We are not a marketing business. We make things.

We don't do product marketing for mainstream commercial inventors. We have never done this. We have no process for doing this! We are registered under the SIC 62020 - Information technology consultancy activities. It's just a required government code, but perhaps it sounds a bit like what Oliver Stark did/does, I guess? I'm not even sure if Oliver Stark is this guy's real name. I looked on Companies House and can't see a listing for either Oliver Stark or Inventability Designs.

We've had phone calls and letters to our house looking for this guy, people contacting us on Twitter, and our search results are frankly a disaster (though getting better since his very similarly named website went offline). I wish I knew how to properly disentangle ourselves from this person's online trail. We have tried to do everything Google suggests, and we've even just bought some targeted (with keywords like "disability hacks" etc) ads on Adwords in the hope of distinguishing us to the search engine.

I don't know whether this page is helpful or if it will just bring us more hassle because we mention the guy's name, but I feel like we have to say something so here, I've said this.

~ Sally McGrath