Amy Lancaster

Amy has a broad experience of different industries from Recruitment to Dairy Farming. Her hands on, DIY approach helps Stuart make things happen.

Sally McGrath

Sally is the designer, inventor and coder at Inventability. She builds things.

Andrew Sheldon

Andrew is a property developer and director of Brocklyn Designs Ltd. An inventor, electrical engineer, and mathematician, he builds all manner of ingenious contraptions, including the smart home that launched this site.

Jenny Sheldon

Jenny is a property developer and director of Brocklyn Designs Ltd. She built (and project-managed) the smart home that was the genesis of this site. With a degree in International Relations and an MA in Peace Studies, she’s well equipped to drag projects (kicking and screaming) to completion. She also teaches piano and plays a terrifying number of instruments.

She solves problems.

Stuart Turner

Stuart is a technologist and founder of Robots and Cake. In his early twenties he began losing function in his arms and legs and is now completely quadriplegic. He’s dedicated to connecting developers and disabled people to find cheap, practical, mainstream solutions to some of the everyday functional problems of people with profound physical disabilities, and bringing some of the unique insights of physical disability to some of the biggest technological/practical challenges of the 21st century: action at a distance, telepresence, remote and autonomous drones, and the internet of things.

Kersty Welton

Kersty was Stuart’s PA and Designated Pair of Hands™: she cuts, she builds, she hammers, she holds! Kersty was an important part of Stuart’s team.

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