3 Sensory All Stars

3 Sensory All Stars everyone can use

  1. spiky ball

    These are basically a quid. They are all the same so don’t worry about a specific recommendation. Just go to ebay and spend 99p or £2 or whatever.

    For sensory disruption they work pretty well.

  2. hairbrush

    Denman D6 Shampoo/Shower Brush (£3.50 at Amazon and £5 from Denham) or Childs Farm Bathtime Brush by Denman (£3.75 or £2.81 on offer at Ocado ) are basically the same thing - we have both. These are really good for just introducing new sensation. Novel sensory input is a crucial part of pain management.

  3. hot/cold pack

    Koolpak Reusable Hot/Cold Pack with the Koolpak Elasticated Sleeve. The sleeve serves two purposes: 1. To protect your face from freezing cold plastic. 2. It has a strap, so you can strap it to your face and then you don’t need hands to hold it there.