Whole Milk

the highest fat and protein whole milks available

  1. Cravendale

    Cravendale 4.7g fat, 3.4g protein

  2. Duchy Organic

    Duchy Organic 4g fat, 3.5g protein

  3. Yeo Valley

    Yeo Valley 4g fat, 3.4g protein

  4. Daylesford Organic

    Daylesford Organic 3.9g fat, 3.3g protein

  5. Rachel’s Organic

    Rachels Organic 3.9g fat, 3.1g protein

  6. Supermarket Own Brands

    Tesco 3.6g /3.2g protein Sainsbury’s 4g fat 3.3g protein ASDA 3.6g 3.4g