Linking it all together - coffee-food.


I can’t get enough nutrition from eating food.


Jack up my coffee with as much fat, sugar, and protein as possible.


  1. Gather your tassimo, pods, keepcup, protein, milk and a straw.

  2. Pour about 250ml into the cup, or up to the rubber grip, and microwave on high power for between a minute and a minute thirty seconds, depending on how hot you like your coffee.

  3. Add one espresso. I prefer Costa pods and to use a cheap Tassimo, but any espresso you like.

  4. Stir in one spoon of sugar and one of Hydrolysed Collagen.

  5. Bestraw and slot into cup holder.


This post covers how to make - or have made for you - my lovely caffeinated drink. I drink this each morning and as many times throughout the day as is humanly possible! So why do I drink so much coffee? Well, that’s easy: coffee is awesome. End of, no more argument, no more need to explain anything. End of post!

Only joking, there are actually some really good reasons why I drink so much coffee and a few are as follows:

Because of a number of health problems, I find it difficult to eat a lot of food, perhaps five meals a week when I really work at it. So my coffee is jacked up to be as nutritious and tasty as it can possibly be. We supplement it with protein, we add sugar, and we use the creamiest, most nutritious milk we can find. The more coffee I drink, the more protein and leucine I get into my body and the better my body is able to heal itself and grow new muscle, when for instance I have a pressure sore. Sometimes I add other amino acids and creatine, too, but mostly just the collagen.

The milk that I drink is full of fat (about 13g a cup), and a surprising amount of protein, and leucine. It also has plenty of calcium and some vitamin d (I supplement with vitamin D and try to get outside as much as pos also) . And having all these great nutrients wrapped up inside a lovely caffeinated beverage instead of another, endless pill, is a great way to take your medicine!

Note from Sally: The point here is really about linking solutions together, and maximising the benefits of habits you already have. Stuart already drinks coffee every day - he doesn’t need to work on a new habit for that. But how can I make that good habit do “double duty”, solve more problems? Well: by improving the nutritional properties of the coffee he’s already drinking, I reduce the severity of the eating problem, without getting bogged down in solving the eating problem directly. This is another example of what we talked about in inventability: don’t confuse the method with the goal. Does Stuart need to eat more food (method), or get enough nutrition (goal)?

Approx Nutritional Profile

  • Protein: 15g (250ml milk 9g, 1tbsp gelatin 6g)
  • Fat: 13g (250ml milk)
  • Carbs: 16g (250ml milk 11.75g, 1tsp sugar 4.2g)

(Also, to state the obvious, coffee gives you a buzz and wakes you up a bit, and that is highly prized when you’re un-glad about being doped up on painkillers all the time.)

It’s not just me that thinks this. Here is the very excellent CGP Grey explaining why coffee is the greatest thing on the planet, I suggest you stop reading this now and go and get yourself a cup. :-)