Coffee Holder

A simple, no-tools-required drink holder


Stuart wants to drink coffee on my own time, without someone standing there holding the mug.


Get a hipster coffee cup holder and rig it up on his chin controller array.


  1. Get a KeepCup, Bookman Clamp, some Grip Tape, and a straw.

  2. Wrap the tape around the tubing and clamp on the clamp. Pose it to be easily reachable.

  3. Put coffee in the KeepCup and the lid on firmly. Bestraw.

  4. Caffeinate!


Also, FYI, coffee chains will fill these cups, and Starbucks give you 25p off if you bring your own cup (but don’t pay their taxes so…). But the clamp will take an ordinary takeaway/ paper cup as well, so you can go out to any cafe (without your cup but with your clamp) and be able to have a drink without any hassle.