Flic Locate

The flic button can broadcast your location if you need to summon help when you’re out and about on your own.


Whilst out on my own in my wheelchair, I need multiple ways of calling for help.


The Flic button can send an SMS with your current location to any number you designate, getting help quickly.


  1. You will need to grab the previously reviewed Flic button and its corresponding app, then pair your button with your phone via Bluetooth (troubleshoot.

  2. Once your button is paired, it will show up on this screen with the name you gave it. Simply tap on it to move to the next set of menus.

  3. The next set of menus will give you three choices; Click, double-click and hold. Each one of these functions can be paired with an action, meaning each button can do three distinct things. In this case we are going to choose hold.

  4. Tap on the little circle next to the word Hold and you will be taken to another list, this list contains actions that each flic can perform, in this case I want you to choose “Share your Location”. This is not a free service; you get 20 credits free but I also figure if you only use it in emergencies that’s very cheap. And 99p for twenty calls for help is a bargain.

  5. This is what the “Share your Location” page looks like when you first arrive at it, you need to scroll down.

  6. Scrolling done you’ll see a section where you can enter the message to be sent when you hold your button, and also a section where you can put in the recipient of the message. This can be more than one phone number.

  7. When you have entered all of the pertinent information, click Add in the top right hand corner of the screen and you will be dropped back into the menu we started at. That’s it, everything should be set up.

  8. This is what it looks like on an android phone when I pressed and held the flic button and summoned help. The link in the SMS message takes you to a Google map of the precise location of the flic button and, hopefully, you!


NOTE: Do not use this as your only means of calling for help when you are out on your own, not because there is anything wrong with this system but you should always have multiple methods of calling for help if you’re physically vulnerable when you are out on your own. Check out find my friends share location and hey siri for more solutions like this.