Velcro Your Hoist

Make a two-person job a one-person job with one strip of velcro and a hacksaw.


The hook on the back of the hoist controller makes it impossible for a sole hoister to both position the hoistee and press the down button, but without the hook, the controller swings around dangerously.


Cut the hook off. Then velcro the controller back to the hoist.


  1. Take some heavy duty velcro, a hoist and a controller. And a hacksaw.

  2. If you have the large plastic hook version of your controller, ask for a replacement controller without a hook - they do exist. If denied, saw the hook off with a junior hacksaw.

  3. Stick the hook-grippy-scratchy side to the underneath of the hoist and the eye-fluffy-grabby side to the underneath of the controller.

  4. Store, and score!


Obviously in reality, where most people don’t have 24 hour double cover, you don’t always have two people to do a hoist transfer. But it’s impossible to properly position someone (with hands under bum) while pressing the button on a hoist controller with a giant plastic hook sticking out of the back (and therefore into the bum of the hoistee). So if you live in reality instead of ideality… just get rid of the hook.

(You will probably get in trouble for sawing off the hook. That’s your own lookout.)