iPad in bed

How to use your tablet or phone lying on your back.


I couldn’t use my iPad while I was lying on my back and nearly died, literally nearly died from boredom.


Combine a mount, a poseable arm and an amenable able-bodied person and we’re off to the races.


  1. Snap your tablet into the tablet mount. Screw the gooseneck clamp into the tablet mount. Clamp the whole thing onto your bedstead into a position where you can easily see it. I put mine directly above my head, but play around with it. If you are going to hover something directly of your head, then I would recommend a heavy duty clamp as you don’t want something very slowly bending and hitting you on the nose!

  2. Lie in bed on your back, and use your assistive technology devices to control the iPad. In my case I use a Tecla Bluetooth bridge and a Buddy button to control my tablet, but your mileage definitely will vary.


Leave a comment if you need some help and I will help if I can. :-)