Laptop Phone

Super simple phone holder for a laptop.


I can’t see my phone while I’m using my laptop.


Attach my phone to a piece of Perspex mounted to the back of my laptop case.


  1. You will need a laptop shell, perspex, magnet, some bluetac and superglue.

    We ordered a piece of perspex from (I think) The Plastic People for the princely sum of about £6, because we wanted a super thick piece in case of it being bashed about. You can probably pick up an offcut from your local craft shop, however, or amazon or ebay. We used a piece 36cm x 12.5cm x 0.5cm.

    You should use a special phone-safe magnet. Ordinary magnets, used for so long, could break your phone so be sure to buy a phone magnet.

  2. Blue tac the phone to the perspex and line it up on the laptop shell. I suggest you line up the phone so the phone camera peeks over the perspex. Turn your camera on to check it’s not obstructed.

  3. When you’re happy, stick everything together. Glue the perspex to the shell. Stick the magnet to the perspex. Stick the paired magnet to the back of your phone. Done!



  • This is from my old laptop, so the shell pictured is a Speck Hardshell case. It’s a great case and I recommend it, but on my new laptop I am using a TopiDeal case, which is a lot cheaper (1/3 of the price) and seems just as good to me. This one I have now is rubberised; the smooth case (crystal) might make a better/sturdier bond with the perspex.
  • Nowadays I use a steelie mount, which might suit you better.