Sugru Finger Moulds

Mould a finger holder in Sugru to stop your finger slipping off your button.


Do your fingers repeatedly slip off your accessibility switch whilst trying to control your computer and other devices?


Making a mould of your fingers out of Sugru and attaching it to the accessibility switch might be the answer to your problems.


  1. Gather your button, Sugru, and a pair of scissors.

  2. Arrange your body and fingers into the position and place that you’re going to be in when you are using your buddy button. There’s no point moulding the Sugru when lying down when you are only ever going to use the button when sitting up (and vice versa), so make sure to get into position first.

  3. copy: | Open the Sugru packet, being sure to cut along the dotted line around the edge, and mould it into a smooth roundish lump. Put the lump of Sugru on to the button, where your finger rests naturally.

  4. Press your fingers (or have your finger pressed) into the Sugru. It will make an imprint.

  5. Peel away your fingers and massage the long sides of the mould up to form a gentle lip. This will stop your finger slipping off sideways.

  6. An optional extra step if you want a super smooth finish. Use a small amount of washing up liquid on the tip of your finger, then gently rub out any rough sections in the Sugru mould. This doesn’t do anything functionally but it does make your work have that finished and polished look about it that will make you the envy of all your neighbours. Maybe.

  7. Leave the silicone for 24 hours. It’s important not to touch it at all during these 24 hours so that it will set properly. I know it’s tempting, but leave it, seriously!



Sugru is a mouldable plastic that comes in a small packet and can be used for one million and one things. You can fix a broken laptop Charger cable with it, mould any little hook or ledge you need on your wheelchair, or you could even stop your fingers slipping off your buddy button. I love Sugru. I sound like an ad but I am a human person, a bit overcome with how great and useful it is.

NOTE: The button you can see in the picture is called and it-switch, but in general I prefer the Buddy Button because it has a very nice click to it. YMMV.