Writing with Dasher

With Dasher you can write text documents really quickly without needing to type or speak.

“With Dasher I can talk about supersecret things in complete silence, it’s wonderful!”

Hello, this is Dasher. It’s a completely different way of writing. I’m writing this with very small head movements. My TrackerPro is picking up the head movements by tracking a reflective dot stuck on my glasses. I can even write lying down in bed by sticking a dot on my nose. :-)

But you don’t need a camera tracker. You can connect anything to Dasher. You could use a Wii, or a steering wheel, or a dance mat, or a smartphone. As long as you can control the cursor you can write with Dasher. I can write at 70 words per minute, after a lot of practice.

I normally use voice dictation software, but with Dasher I can have private conversations. It also means I can write in noisy rooms, like an office or classroom full of other people.