OtterBox Defender

My smartphone is my right hand. It’s actually much better than my right hand.

Why have you covered your beautiful phone up with a giant case?

“I know that people joke and say that their phone is the centre of their world, but mine really is…”

I needed some serious protection for my mobile phone which in this case happens to be an iPhone6s, but this place sells cases for pretty much all major mobile phones. I needed this protection because, even though I have a great phone holder now, other people still drop my phone on my hard tiled floor pretty regularly. And without it, I am lost.

I know that people joke and say that their phone is the centre of their world, but mine really is. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to unlock my front door, turn on the lights, turn on the heating, open and close the curtains, mess around on Twitter, talk to my friends and family, call for help when needed, or watch these weird Homesteader videos on YouTube that I’ve suddenly become obsessed with.

Why did you choose the OtterBox case?

Trial and error, lots of broken equipment, and excellent reviews were the main reasons I went with the OtterBox Defender. I’ve tried loads of different types of cases, from the very slim ones that promise to keep your phone waterproof and protected, cases that just cover the corners of your phone so that it bounces when it hits the floor (how this is a benefit I will never know)… I even tried one that you sprayed on, but that was obviously useless. I had gone a bit mad from hope at that point maybe. But Otterbox actually works.

Fitting the OtterBox to your phone is easy, but once it’s on, it isn’t coming off very easily at all. You will need at least three hands, one small pony and maybe even a hammer to get the thing off (if you want to change the Sim card, for example). I’m choosing to see this as a feature rather than a bug.

I’m choosing to see this as a feature because about six months ago I was spinning round in my massive, 428lb, powerchair, when one of my carers came in and started shouting, “Your phone, your phone! You’re spinning round on your phone!”. Sure enough, my mobile phone was underneath the main wheel of my wheelchair and I was doing doughnuts on top of it. Argh!


The phone survived without a scratch. Not a scratch! I can’t recommend these cases highly enough. Yes, they are expensive but much cheaper than a new phone. And anyway, you will go through more money trying out all of the lesser alternatives until you eventually arrive at the same conclusion I did and buy one of these cases. Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6 (I also had the iPhone 5 case.)

Note: This review has affiliate Amazon links but I have not been paid or solicited to give this review and I bought my cases myself.