Why Scanbot works for us, and how we wouldn’t be without it

I just started working with Stuart this year and I found it Scanbot so easy to use - it was no hassle at all to get to grips with on my first day.

It’s got this auto snap/ auto scan feature (which I recommend turning on) so I just hold the phone over the letter: the app finds the edges of the paper itself, frames it, takes the picture, and then I press “Save” and it uploads itself to Evernote. You can choose where to upload but we use Evernote because it has something called OCR so it’s easy to find the file again with text search. You might prefer to email it yourself so you see the letter in your inbox.

It’s really a great stealth accessibility tool. Stuart can’t handle any paperwork as he can’t physically hold a piece of paper, but this way he can access all his post really easily. I can submit receipts, record anything and know he has perfect access to all of it.

There are free versions of both Scanbot and Evernote, but he paid for Scanbot Pro and Evernote Premium because we have so much paper to deal with (thanks, NHS :P).