This specialised webcam tracks a reflective dot.

The TrackerPro is a small camera that sits on top of my computer and tracks a small reflective dot on my glasses. When I’m upright I have the dot on my glasses, but when I’m lying on my side in bed using my laptop, I stick a dot on my nose and use that.

The movement the camera tracks are then translated into cursor movements on my laptop or computer screen. It appears to work on any computer that can use a mouse, because they’ve been incredibly sneaky. The camera puts on some dark glasses and a hat and pretends to be a normal optical mouse. Sneaky beaky.

Once you get used to it, you glance at the part of the screen you want to click on and then click with your buddy button and that’s it. It’s actually better than a mouse. It’s probably the secret weapon behind my total world domination of Yahoo Pool. :P

It’s obviously hugely more expensive but I honestly do think more able-bodied people should try a Tracker because I think it’s quicker than using a mouse. It also doesn’t force your hand into unnatural positions around a mouse and cause RSI etc. Once you’ve been using the system for a while it feels like you’re just thinking about clicking: I glance at an interesting article on Hacker News and instinctively click, in milliseconds.

We really should break down these walls between “disability equipment” and “normal person equipment”. IMNHO that is.