Uniqlo Heattech

Waffle tops are stretchier!

“a dire case of MAMIL”

Having cervical spina bifida and tethered spine means I can’t have my neck interfered with at all, and being quadriplegic means I’ve got to wrangle a whole other person into dressng me every morning. Finding clothes that are: loose, easy to put on, don’t pose any pressure risks, are comfortable, will keep me warm without bulking me up too much, and don’t make me look like I’m a particularly deluded MAMIL… is not an easy task. I wear a lot of thermal base layers and other clothes designed for a hostile environment, while trying to avoid the full on sportsgear. But these are expensive, and they get stretched out really quickly by the way I have to put my clothes on (lying flat on my back with another person moving me). That neckline and those armholes get seriously yanked around.

(The theory applies to trousers as well, thermal base layers tend to be thin, without too many stitch lines and will keep you warm while sitting in your wheelchair. Especially good combined with bumless pants Also stops the dreaded problem of having to wear tracksuit bottoms that all wheelchair drivers seem to eventually succumb to.)

Uniqlo Heattech

But here’s a great tip: waffle tops. Tops woven in a waffle pattern are much much stretchier, and can be grabbed and stretched and spring back into shape over and over again. And you can buy them in normal shops, for the most part. After much trial and error, the best ones I’ve found are called Heattech from an online shop called Uniqlo. But this post is also a post of mourning: they don’t sell them any more. Waffle gone!

They do sell other Heattech, but only seasonally, in the run up to winter. You will get a few in the Boxing Day Sale but those are all pretty much gone by early January, each year, so when they are available, buy lots! I recommend Heattech Extra Warm, in the tragic absence of Heattech Waffle, and I am on the lookout right now for a replacement supplier for waffle thermals. Will keep you posted.