A rose by any other name is called like AppleScript and stuff. Not sure where I was going with that sentence, but I really love using AppleScript, I think that was the point!

Oh AppleScript, you much maligned, old, largely forgotten and ignored programming language that was meant to make it easier for non-programmers to write simple computer programs. How badly the computer world treats you, they look down on you and say you’re not a real programming language and say lots of other mean things about you, which you really should ignore.

But I love you, dear Applescript, I really do. A quick glance through my AppleScript folder shows me that I have 173 different AppleScripts doing 173 different things. Lots of these are useless to other people but priceless to me, some of them would be useful to you and some of them are absolutely essential, like the one that flashes the lights bright red in the entire house when I have an emergency and need the carers to come running. I couldn’t have the independence I have without that script. Yes I could do it another way now, but first there was you AppleScript.

Here’s a quick example of what I’m talking about; this little AppleScript will toggle your iTunes player between play and pause. So if your music is playing and you run this script, it will pause iTunes, and if your music isn’t playing it will play the music you were last listening to.

I love AppleScript because it’s basically English, which makes it quite easy to learn the vocabulary and syntax of the language, yes, but also, crucially, easy to write using voice dictation software. Also, AppleScripts can be triggered from lots of different places, like Alfred, KeyStrokes, Apple’s Switch Control interface, and loads more.

I hope they never ever get rid of it. Unfortunately I’ve heard rumblings in the tech press that this might be the case, but please, Apple, don’t do it! I’m not averse to bribery!