Black Tape on LEDs

If you have a load of disability equipment in your bedroom: a hoist, maybe a dynamic mattress, a VAC therapy, respirator, wheelchair - any number of things - you will know the rage of the brightly lit 2am bedroom. I can actually read by the light of the green fully charged! light on the P200 Freeway Hoist. Yeah, thanks for that. I need that information 24 hours a day. Protecting your available sleeping time is so important when you are living with unavoidably broken sleep, and lights keep you awake - it’s science! :P It’s also just less depressing and makes you feel a bit less like you’re living in an NHS supply cupboard and should be wearing a tag marked HUMAN, ON LOAN FROM DEPT 9.

So: grab a roll of black electrical tape (available from any supermarket or hardware shop) and tape up every single flashing red, blue, and green LED on every piece of kit in your bedroom. Trust me. It’s going to change your life*.

*At minimum, you will now have black tape on your stuff, which is technically a change in your life :P