Buddy Button

Behold, the Buddy Button in all its glory!

This is just a quick tip for my toolchain series. I might do a longer review of buttons at some point.

People used to talk about a particular rifle being the right arm of the free world, implying it brought independence and freedom to parts of the world where it didn’t exist before. Well this button has become the right arm of my disability world. Without this incredibly simple if not slightly overpriced button, my life as a disabled computer user would be not impossible, but it would be significantly more difficult.

They are available from multiple retailers and at multiple prices, but the folks over at Inclusive Technology have always been nice to me. And they haven’t even paid me to say that!

So yes, if you need a single switch for your accessibility setup and don’t have much power in whichever limb or digit you can move, then I don’t think you can go wrong with these buttons. I have a small amount of control in my right index finger, and I go on just fine with them. They also have a very satisfying click when they are brand-new! I think they must buy their clicks from the same company that makes the click on a Belkin ethernet cable. :-)

Here’s a video from a few years ago showing the movement I had then.