Chewable Toothbrushes

I absolutely hate other people brushing my teeth, and maybe you do too. (Or maybe you don’t have anyone to help you out with that at all.) Sally found these online and they are a great solution for me. It shouldn’t be a replacement having your teeth brushed properly, but can definitely fill in the gaps if you’re having problems with that. They are pretty expensive, so we keep the used ones in a tub and sterilise them to use again - you can use them a few times before they get too battered.

I’ve tried RollyBrush, which is another slightly cheaper brand of chewables, but the ones I prefer are called Fuzzy Brushes. Don’t buy them on Amazon - they are INSANELY expensive on there- go to the website; or they are for sale in bulk on Alibaba but I don’t know the price.