Danger Bench! Danger!

We had this bench made as part of a set, the rest of which worked out brilliantly. Wheelchair Table. We got two benches but we couldn’t properly afford to get two wide ones so we tried to squeak it with one wide and one narrow bench, but still raised up to match our high table.

Well, that was dumb. It is too damned high and too damned narrow! It’s actually terrifying watching small children clamber on this thing. It rocks back and forth - it will tip right over. And it’s HEAVY. And forget about adult human beings sitting on this thing. We put it up against a wall to steady it and instantly realised we had in fact installed in our kitchen at some considerable expense, an anti-loitering perching surface in the manner of a bus stop outside Bargain Booze.


The other one we got, the double width one but at the same raised height is absolutely fine. It’s great actually. I completely failed to anticipate the material/physical/structural differences between the two widths. Total fail. It lives in our cellar, where I constantly nominate it for new projects (a coffee table, a laptop shelf) but somehow it never makes the grade.

a very tall narrow bench that looks like it might topple over

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