Gold Top

The highest fat and protein milk available is gold top, most likely from your milkman if you press him. We get ours from our milkman, who doesn’t have a website or anything and only delivers in our valley. In fact I don’t even have his phone number, he just turned up when we moved in. He orders it in specially for us, for the princely sum of 78p. When we first asked he said he’d never sold a bottle of it in thirty year and was pretty well convinced we’d send it back; it really does have a thick plug of cream - you have to poke it with a spoon to get it to pour out of a morning. In the end he started us off with a bottle of gold and a bottle of silver so we’d at least have something for our tea.

If you can’t get gold top from your milkman you can buy it in the supermarket under the brand Graham’s Gold Top, or look for any Channel Island Milk