Google Calendar

Get a Google account, the results of the many things, keep track of appointments, medication and anything else important.

  1. Get a Google Account following Google’s dead simple instructions.
  2. After you’ve signed up and logged in to your new account, click on the little circle in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Google Calendar.
  3. Then use the big red CREATE button to create new events on your calendar.

Watch out for further posts where we demonstrate how these events can be used to trigger things like:

  1. lights going on and off in the house
  2. medication reminders
  3. hospital appointment reminders
  4. physio, personal care, and medical schedules for carers
  5. daily agendas and scheduling for carers
  6. millions more things

Once you have a Google calendar account, adding Events can trigger all manner of useful things with IFTTT. Once you learn how to “repeat” events automatically, you can map out a comprehensive housework/household management schedule and leave it to tick over with the carers. You can use it to help you remember what to do every day, to put it bluntly.