Ice Packs FTW.

Some quadriplegics can have trouble regulating their body temperature. You’re hot! You’re cold! You’re all over the shop! I have a small collection of things to heat me up and cool me down, and also to, more usefully sometimes, trick my body into thinking it’s heated up or cooled down. An icepack on my face, above the point of injury where I have full sensation, makes me feel cooler than my whole body actually really being cold. And it’s safer as well: if you’re anything like me, you’ve made yourself dangerously hot or cold (cooking yourself in front of a fire, anyone? Sitting out in the snow in a t-shirt?) because the feedback you get is so messed up. Anyway, we’ll write more about hot/cold therapy on this site but this is just a tip so: if you’re one of those people - like me - you can use ice packs designed for minor injuries to your lower limbs to keep your face freezing cold.

I use the Koolpak Reusable Hot/Cold Pack with the Koolpak Elasticated Sleeve . There are many other types of ice pack on the market and I’ve tried lots of them, but these seem to stay coldest the longest, and they’re quite cheap. YMMV, Obviously. The sleeves serve two purposes. 1. To protect your face from freezing cold plastic. 2. It has a strap, so you can get someone to strap it to your face and then you don’t need hands to hold it there. You’re icing solo.

I really do love me some cold eyeballs. Don’t judge me!