Ice Towel Failure

I have a very hot head. This could be for a number of reasons, most likely been that people with spinal cord injuries can sometimes have difficulty regulating their body temperature. This is something that’s happened to me throughout my entire life and has never been particularly dangerous, it just means that I constantly have a really hot head. Not running a temperature, just having a really hot head.

So I have always be on the lookout for ways to keep my head cold. Just putting a cold wet flannel on my head works, but for less than two minutes and then I have a warm wet lump on my head, which is not very nice. Consequently we must have tried most of the gimmicks out there designed to keep one’s head cool. Every time we see something, we totally believe this time we have found the answer. This is the latest example of one of those gimmicks.

The Ice Towel

This cool ice towel is the ideal travel companion. It comes in a handy travel container and is light in weight as well as durable. Just get it wet, wring out any excess water, and shake for 5-10 seconds

Yeah, no. It doesn’t work. Fail!