Induction Hob

I wrote in the hotcup tip that I was profoundly sleep deprived for many years as a 24h carer. It’s a pretty weird way to live; if you’ve experienced this yourself you’ll know that it massively disrupts your attention and memory. It was a bit like having a bonkers identical twin I never saw but lived with me and left their half-done tasks all over my house. I would find cups of tea in the fridge and bottles of milk carefully put away in my sock drawer. Once I went to have a shower and found ALL my clothes in the bath. Why? Who knows?! Things would arrive in the post that I had no memory of buying. I would have conversations over and over with people, having no idea I’d had them before. And I burnt through pan after pan after pan forgetting I was cooking. That part was pretty worrying. It’s an actual miracle that I didn’t set the house on fire.

So my tip here is to get an induction hob. I don’t have a specific brand recommendation as I got mine second hand at an auction. But it has a TIMER - it turns itself off like a microwave - so you never burn through your pan. It only works when the pan is in contact with the circuit, so you can’t leave the gas ring burning by mistake, or burn yourself on the element, and you can’t break it (or put the gas out) by accidentally letting the water boil over. It’s just so massively much safer if you are, frankly, a liability in the kitchen on account of your memory or attention.

It’s also a completely smooth surface, so you can slide pans on and off the “heat”; this matters because it means if you can’t easily lift a cooking pot you can still probably safely use one. Bonus.

Induction hobs solve so many access issues for cooking - they are seriously worth investigating. Top tip!