The KeepCup is the best solution I’ve (read: Sally!) found for getting safe levels of coffee into this particular quadriplegic.

The Keepcup is at the end of a very long line of cupholders, all with their own individual way of spilling coffee on me! It doesn’t burn me, it stays in the cup holder and doesn’t spill, it keeps the coffee hot for ages, it goes in the dishwasher, it has a convenient fill line for the carers when they are making my coffee, it hasn’t (yet) smashed despite being clanked around by all comers… it’s pretty great. I can drive about, even outside, and it doesn’t spill out the top, and it can go on a pretty steep angle in my cup holder before it drips on me.

Definitely two thumbs up from me and is used in the process of Making. Stuart’s. Coffee! (upcoming 2 March ‘17) every day.