One Switch

This is a new series where we feature a great website you should check out. We’ll feature a mix of ‘disabled world’ sites and hackability sites. Hacking is a general design principle, and it’s also a grassroots movement made up of many types of people who find and figure out and cobble together stuff to make the world work better.

Today we feature:

One Switch

It is what it says: a collection of resources for people who use one switch. This is an AMAZING site for people who are severely physically disabled. It can be a little hard to read because of the styling, but it’s totally worth it.

From their About page:

I chose the name OneSwitch, as a lot of disabled people I worked for found it easier to control devices using just one disability standard switch. These are simple on/off push button switches that connect to adapted equipment by plugging them into a headphone-style socket.

For example - a Playstation 2 can be used to stop/start music CDs and DVD films. The standard Playstation controller is too small and fiddly for many to use, but with an adapted Playstation controller and a remote switch it’s no longer a problem. This kind of equipment is often called assistive technology or enabling equipment.

For gamers, the SwitchGaming blog covers loads of news and tips for gaming with a single switch input, and it’s been going a decade, so there’s a massive wealth of information and resources built up there.

The Ideas section covers all kinds of actual STUFF YOU CAN DO with one switch: gaming, art, music, etc, but that’s a little sparse compared to the real gold on this website: the DIY section, which is an absolute gold mine of incredible step by step guides to hacking all kinds of electronic equipment to work with one switch, including adapting commercial products to act as switch interfaces and loads more.

Featured Post: One switch to take photos and short videos.