Send My Location

When you’re out on your own and run into difficulty, say for instance your wheelchair runs out of battery or some other calamity, you can use your iPhone to send your current location to anybody in your phone book. They can then come along and rescue you, with or without their white horse!

Sending your current location is totally easy using an iPhone. The steps are:

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone
  2. Start sending a message to your friend in the usual manner
  3. This time though, in the top right hand corner of the messaging window, select Details
  4. From the next screen select the option to Send My Current Location
  5. This will immediately send a map to your friend containing a little dot which represents your current location.
  6. That’s it, just sit back, relax and wait for rescue.

I know this works as I’ve done it lots, and it is brilliant. It means I can go out on my own without that being a bit of a mad thing to do. I can explore a bit, wander around, get lost, even, without risking my life or causing anyone else a lot of hassle or worry. So it’s a bit of freedom I thought I had lost, returned.

(In my chair I operate my iPhone with a Tecla and mount it to my chair with a modified Steelie ).

This may be possible on Android phones too but I don’t have one to test so can’t comment. Please do chime in in the comments below if you know of an alternative way of doing this on other phones.