Magic Mirror Arrival

Sally says:

So, we are building a smart mirror that you can talk to and will answer any questions a new carer might have and show them where everything is and how to do stuff and ALL that good stuff, and it’s quite a task! The first task was to find someone to actually assemble the hardware, and fortunately, you know, People are Awesome and Kyle offered to put this together for Stuart, which released me from soldering. Praise Kyle! We will do a full make, probably loads of makes, on this in the future but for now just saying: it’s HERE!

Amy and Stuart say:

The mirror arrived! After months of hard work from the wonderful Kyle who’s assembled all the hardware, and then shipped it from America all the way to Yorkshire; we had a local odd job guy from town fix it to the wall. Behold!

You can find the code that runs on the smart mirror at, and all the documentation is at the documentation site. Honestly, the instructions are not for the faint of heart at the moment. It’s totally doable but be prepared to do quite a lot of reading around the subject to get things working. The main problem we encountered is that this mirror cannot be set up and configured over SSH, you have to use VNC to login to the mirror as though you were using a keyboard and mouse. This took quite a long time for me to discover in the documentation, I would be happy if someone could tell me how to do this over SSH as that would be much simpler! I believe the VNC is necessary because the Smart mirror software relies upon Electron which is a GUI wrapped around the code and it has to be installed from within the Raspbian Operating System and not from a remote Terminal. I think.

So after starting again. Boss helped me set up VNC to connect from my xUbuntu-based laptop to the mirror and the installation of Node, NPM and Electron went reasonably flawlessly, at the moment we are wrestling with how to get the ‘wake word’ working so that we can get it to do stuff.

We’re not there yet, but it’s getting exciting! :-)