Tassimo Vivy

We used to make lovely coffee in a Chemex and grind our own beans and so forth. But when carers came into our lives they broke the glass pot over and over until we gave up replacing them. We switched to a (plastic) Clever Coffee Dripper, which also makes great coffee, but by then even more carers were around and they were more resistant and anxious about making coffee with so many steps. It’s important to try to design out possible errors as much as possible with carers as, even if the errors are trivial and you don’t personally actually give a toss, it’s very common for the carer to get anxious and resistant once they made a mistake!!! Confidence can be very fragile.

And as it’s pretty hard for Stuart to get enough nutrition generally and as consequently Stuart’s coffee (upcoming 2 March ‘17) is so high protein and high fat it’s basically food, I didn’t want for him to have to battle to get a cup of coffee whenever he felt he could manage one.

This is a design solution to a behavioural problem - just make it so simple to make coffee that it’s the easiest thing to do. So: Tassimo Vivy (There are rapidly changing offers on this so check Pricespy ) It’s a miniature pod coffee machine with ONE button. Put the pod in, press the button. That’s it. They can’t get it wrong. They feel confident and capable and are happy to make as many coffees as desired. I feel like really you could get any similar one button pod machine (there are other brands - Dolce Gusto?) but this is the one we have so I can recommend it directly.