Tecla Shield

Toolchain series tip. I’ve written about the Tecla Shield in detail in this Tecla review, but put simply it connects your switch with your phone. You can use your existing Buddy Buttons or other accessibility switches by plugging them straight into the Tecla and then pairing your computer with the Tecla’s Bluetooth. The Tecla hooks right into my iPhone so I can use Apple’s Switch Control. You can use it on other stuff - desktops and tablets, Mac and Windows both, but I use it on my phone.

I have mine plugged into my wheelchair, so the chin controller is the switch, not a Buddy button, and it basically extends my chair into a whole smarthome controller, phone, internet - I can do everything with this setup. Here’s a quick video of me using Switch Control, each time you see the menu change it’s because I’ve pushed my chin controller forward once and release - which is a click: