Working With a Projector

When I get laid up in bed on my back I worry: if I can’t sit at the computer, or lie on my side with the laptop, how am I going to get any work done? Well, last time this happened, in 2013, I ended up hooking up a projector to my laptop and projecting the screen onto the ceiling. This way I can work lying on my back.

In 2013 I got CHC funding to do this and I chose the PicoGenie P100, which was fine, and mostly worked - it’s not a bad product at all for the price, but I found it hard to focus the text to be (easily) readable, and a bit noisy. The fan interfered with my voice dictation. So, this year we sold the PicoGenie (on eBay, to the Guinness Book of Records, bizarrely!) and upgraded to a new Celluon PicoPro and it’s way better. It has excellent definition, and is silent and doesn’t get hot, so it’s fine to have just right next to my head on the bed. It means I’ve been able to keep active and working through periods of very severely restrictive bedrest, in positions where previously I was not even able to watch telly. Recommended!