Zoning is a concept in infection control that can be applied at home. Zoning honestly just means:

  1. naming a goal
  2. getting everything you need to accomplish this goal
  3. putting it in one place

So to “zone” a sink is to put handwash, hand sanitiser, and a clean dry hand towel in the sink area. You don’t take stuff out of that area, so you don’t take the handtowel with you from the bathroom into the kitchen or whatever. You don’t need to cross thresholds, because you have everything you need to complete your task inside your task zone. It’s that simple.

Here’s our bathroom sink:

It only has those things on it; it doesn’t have toothbrushes or a toothmug or tweezers or anything else. The hand towel is right there, and that’s changed every shift. That’s it. No other things enter the zone while handwashing happens. Nothing leaves the zone. Handwashing happens in this zone.

Here’s the kitchen sink, same deal except I allow a cloth there for a shift (as no plan ever survives contact with the enemy):

The taps are unlacquered brass, which is bactericidal. So tbh they kind of look dirty! They’re not though. Science.

By the kitchen sink there’s a command hook and by the bathroom sink there’s a lever suction cup hook. So you don’t need to drill any holes to do this. You can do this right now, today, if you need to.

Some tasks can’t be realistically accomplished in one zone, so you need to figure out a path. This idea can be described as “dirty to clean”. (Upcoming)